Pay2Play is live on the Appstore! + Sneak peak

Our first two games have been approved by Apple! Please check them out.

I’m With Cupid – Family arcade game with fun controls.


Pay2Play – Blend of Dopewars style gameplay and Illinois Political fun.

After a long review process Apple has approved Pay2Play to be sold on the Appstore. After some going back and forth and sending a new binary to Apple it was approved! So what changed?

Features Added:

  • Highscore table.
  • Better end game text.
  • Better how to play.
  • Fixed a misspelling.
  • Made the UI buttons react better for larger purchases.

Things taken out:

  • Nothing

So you are getting the real deal here! So please rush out and pick up a copy for your iPhone! If you don’t have an iPhone tell your friends about it! Help keep us full-time indie so we can release our next action shooter game: KillerApp.