Yanki.jp has recently completed work on the “Burberry Kisses” campaign for Google and Burberry. This was for the agency Grow Interactive. Yanki.jp was responsible for some Unity Pipeline tools, some scene setup, modeling, texturing, and look dev.

Along with that Yanki.jp has been busy creating 2 Unity based desktop applications for Charles Schwab. This was for the agency Westernized/Elastic Creative.

Feel free to hit Yanki.jp up for any of your Unity or 3D needs.

So I went solo and made a Molyjam game in Unity3D by myself in 48 hours using no existing assets or code. Here in SF. The game was Bowl or Die and the tweets I chose were the “Survival Horror” bowling game mixed with a tweet about having your radioactive baby being the only light source. The baby was the bowling ball.

Download for PC and OSX!


Unity3D web player with some optimizations.


It was great fun and It was my first jam!

Hello all!

I am  doing contract 3D work and dev. I just delivered assets for a Unity/Kinect game, an AR app, and helped on a project for SCEA. On the biotech side I just delivered a pre-rendered movie for Roche as well.

Check out the reel here:

Demo Reel

Our first two games have been approved by Apple! Please check them out.

I’m With Cupid – Family arcade game with fun controls.


Pay2Play – Blend of Dopewars style gameplay and Illinois Political fun.

After a long review process Apple has approved Pay2Play to be sold on the Appstore. After some going back and forth and sending a new binary to Apple it was approved! So what changed?

Features Added:

  • Highscore table.
  • Better end game text.
  • Better how to play.
  • Fixed a misspelling.
  • Made the UI buttons react better for larger purchases.

Things taken out:

  • Nothing

So you are getting the real deal here! So please rush out and pick up a copy for your iPhone! If you don’t have an iPhone tell your friends about it! Help keep us full-time indie so we can release our next action shooter game: KillerApp.